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How to Fake Your Snapchat Location From ‘Snap Map’ on iPhone

Snapchat recently came out with a new feature called Snap Map. It’s not entirely “new” if you often use the geofilter tag to show your friends where you are. Usually, you would need to take a picture, swipe through a list of filters to find a cool design created specifically for the location you’re currently in.
However, with Snap Map, you don’t need to do any of that. Snapchat automatically detects your current location and pin your Bitmoji on “world map.” Looks something like this:
There are mixed reviews about Snap Map. Some people liked it because they can show off their location without posting it on their story. Others see it as a creepy feature as it opens up an opportunity for stalkers.

How to Hide Yourself on Snap Map

If you don’t like Snap Map, you can turn it off using a built-in feature called “Ghost Mode.” Once enabled, Ghost Mode will prevent Snapchat from displaying your location on Snap Map. No one, including your friends, will be able to locate you on Snapchat unless you share it through a photo with the filter added.
First, open your Snap Map, tap on the Settings icon on the upper right-hand corner. Tap on the toggle next to Ghost Mode.
snap ma ghost mode disabled
You will also see the status changed from “When enabled, your friends can’t see your location.” to “Removing your last location from Map…”
snap map ghostmode enabled

How to Fake Your Location on Snap Map

Turning on Ghost Mode is one way of protecting your privacy from Snap Map. Another way, which I think is cooler, is spoofing your Snapchat location.
Some of you may have heard of such feature. Before Snapchat released Snap Map, you can fake your iPhone location so that you can change the geo filter tag to wherever you want without moving an inch. The same concept applies to Snap Map.
The first thing you need is a modified version of Snapchat. This can be obtained through apps like Snapchat++, Phantom for Snapchat, or SCOthman’s. For the sake of this post, I’ll be using the Snap+ IPA as an example.
choose snap location
Get any geofilters with location spoofing.
Once the app is installed, tap on the little location icon on the top right-hand corner. Choose any location you want and tap Confirm. Wait for Snapchat to update.
Next, open up Snap Map and see if your avatar (Bitmoji) have moved to the particular place you selected earlier.
snap map new york
And that’s it. You have two options if you have to prevent Snapchat from displaying your location on their Snap Map: enable Ghost Mode or fake your location.
Note: This method works for jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.

If Snapchat++ Doesn’t Work

I found Snapchat++ to be the most reliable contestant, especially when you can install it without jailbreak. However, it may not work for everyone. Whenever you see an error that says, “Could not connect. Please check your connection and try again,” then you should wait at least 5 minutes before logging back in.
If that still doesn’t work, your last resort is to jailbreak your device. Ultimately, this is the best method when it comes to location spoofing.
locationhandle test
You don’t even have to use any modified version of the Snapchat app. On a jailbroken device, you can install some tweaks such as GPSCheat, LocationHolic, or FakeLocation. Any of those packages will change your current iPhone location to any places you desired, and it works for every app that wants to detect your location, not just Snapchat.